Rustic bread and tomato - Pa am tomaquett

This is rustic bread, prepared and eaten with Spanish passion. The ingredients dictate the quality: you want: dense, crumbed farmer's bread, mild sweet garlic, cold pressed olive oil, and quality field ripened tomatoes.
If you order this in the right Barcelona restaurants, you will note that all five element will arrive separately, allowing people to make their own combinations. the main decisions involve the amount of garlic and the amount of oil you prefer -- and the amount of tomato and whether to eat the tomato pulp as well! Serve it just as it is, no knives or forks!

4 field ripened tomatoes
1/2 loaf dense crumbed country bread with plenty of texture, sliced as thick as your thumb
4 garlic cloves, without the green shoots that foretell bitterness
1/4 litre extra virgin olive oil
2 ounces of Serrano ham

YIELD: 4 portions

COURSE: Appetizers Tapas Meze

CUISINE: Spanish


  1. lightly toast the bread.
    Bring all ingredients to the table. Have each person rub his/her garlic clove on their bread. True garlic lovers will chop their garlic finely and and sprinkle it on their bread.
    Trickle some oil on your bread. Rub/mash your tomato onto your bread. Top with 1/2 ouncef Serrano ham Serve with a glass of Catalan Garnacha.