Ginger Tea

and it gets you off... and it makes you happy... and its legal

for each person :
1 cup water
1 inch fresh ginger
2 teaspooms brown sugar or honey
2 slices lemon

YIELD: multiple mugs

COURSE: Beverages

CUISINE: Canadian


  1. This needs friends, and a candle, and a good dinner first is always great. For each person, a mugful of water, an inch or so of fresh green ginger grated coarsely into a saucepan, two heaped teaspoons of brown sugar or a bit more honey, and a couple of slices of lemon (peel and all). Boil (lid on) ten to fifteen minutes.
  2. Pour (strained - just hold back the shreds with something) into mugs and drink as hot as you can stand it. The first sip liberates your taste buds (the Japanese do the same thing with sliced ginger for sushi) The second, which should be a good mouthful) clears you head, and halfway through the cup you should get off - nice and warm and loose.