Aubergine, Feta and Sun Dried tomato Rolls

appetizer or primo dish

1 large aubergine (egg plant)
200 grams feta cheese
500 grams sun dried tomatoes in oil
olive oil

YIELD: Serves 4

COURSE: Appetizers Tapas Meze



  1. Slice the aubergines lengthwise as thin as you can, 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick (it helps if you have a mandolin). Brush each slice with olive oil, season lightly with salt and pepper on both sides and grill it in a very hot frying pan. Set them aside to cool.
  2. Cut the cheese into 5×3x1cm bricks. Top each one with a sun dried tomato and roll it with a grilled slice of aubergine. Drizzle with good extra virgin olive oil and serve 2 per person.